Battlereport between Koralon and Vasa (2 times) and Koralon and Syntha

Game 1:
Koralon vs. Vasa

1 Broodmaster
1 unit tactical araktons
1 unit Brood with blade and shields
1 unit Brood with heavy coralon blades
1 Phazon

1 unit supressors incl sergeant and sniper
2 units marines
1 Bird of Prey Shogun
1 Bird of Prey Typhoon

Here we have the setup for game one.
On turn one the phazon activated his power to shield the Broodmaster.
While the Typhoon rained his missles all over the brood and arakton units which were close together.
All other units either stayed put or moved into more strategic positions.

Here is a good look at the result of the missle hit from the typhoon.

Turn 2:
Brough a charge from the Broodmaster down the left Koralon flank. Too bad that got him into range for the shogun who jumped in and made short work of the mighty Broodmaster.

Here we see the shogun after he finished of his Koralon oponent, now ready to face the Broods with the heavy blades and the Phazon.
Other than that there was just more strategic movements and soem potshots by various units.

Turn 3:
On turn 4 the Phazon and his Broods managed to kill the Shogun, with minimal losses to themselves.
On the other flank the broods with shields got decimated to one member and the araktons were also finally in range to receive some more fire.

Turn 4:
Turn 4 brought a charge from the last Brood into the marines unit in the woods. And firefights between all the other participants.

Turn 5:
This was the last turn, the lone brood finally fell to the marines and the VASA troops had saved the universe again. :)


Game 2:

Same units as before, a rematch.

The setup for game 2.

Turn 1:
The more spread out approach by the Koralons didn't help much as the missles from the Typhoon who aimed for the Broodmaster, scattered straight into the arakto unit. :)

As we see turn 1 didnt bring much movement on both sides.

Turn 2:

Turn 2 brought a meeting of two old friends as the shogun again clashed into the Broodmaster. This time due to a bad jumpo from the Shogun (messed up his CD roll) the Broodmaster had a chance to strike back and so both units were destroyed.

Broodmaster and Shogun going one on one, before both of them are destroyed.

With the Broodmaster gone the Vasa units just shot down all the Koralons before they could get into charge range.

Game 3:

as the 2 games before.

1 unit of prostene marines with pulse rifle sand an alpha
1 unit of tactical teratosynths including alpha and a Mini MLRS
1 unit of tactical androsynths including an alpha
1 nemesis grav tank.

Setup for Game 3, the Broodmaster hides outside of the picture.

Turn 1:
The Phazon teleported the Broods with the heavy blades straight into charge range of the tactical teratosynths, and they charged in.
Meanwhile the Broodmaster advanced through cover closer to the Syntha lines.

Turn 2:
The Broods still battled with the teratosynths, while the Broodmaster charged into the marines.

Turn 3:

The Broodmaster went through the marines, and the teratosynths finished of the last Brood.
Without any closecombats blocking them, finally the other Synthaunits and the tank were able to target the Broodmaster, and reduced him to little smoking pieces.

The field finally cleared cleared of the Broodmaster. :)

 Turn 4 and 5 just brought the complete destruction of the Koralon by the Syntha firepower.

We made another game Syntha vs. Koralon with a differently arranged table.
But the outcome was nearly the same, the Broodmaster killed of one unit and then was destroyed by a full volley from the grav tank.

These games showed me a few things. The Bird of preys are very good if used correctly. Especially the Shogun is excellent at killing big characters if they walk alone.
Tanks are very slow. :)
I thought the syntha army would decimate the Koralon much easier then the Vasa army due to the longer reach of their weapons, but it was quite different.
Vasa won with nearly no losses while the Syntha had to fight to get a win.
Unit of the day was the Typhoon of the 5 shots he made 3 hit as planned one scattered into another unit and only one missed completely.
Maybe the outcome had been different if the Typhoon would have shot like normal. :)