The battle for the burgerstand (from Daya another i-Kore leginoary) was the inspiration for this one.
I had bought some new terrain and so adapted her story and used an old idea for a multiplayer scenario.
We had three parties and the one which could move the most of their men to the pool in round 6 would be the winner.
So basically a standard king of the hill with a summery theme.

For the poolparty were invited VASA, Viridians, and some Syntha.

Setup as seen from the Syntha side, so ahead we have the VASA party boys (and girls),

and to the right some Viridians, sporting this years all cool military look (cargopants included).

The partygoers (milita) can't wait and check out the pool and the changing rooms in turn one.

In turn one the Syntha decided that it would be easier to get to the pool without some humans in the way.
So they tried to eliminate one of the marine units.

The Viridians just moved a bit closer and around their silo. One unit staying back (maybe checking their swimming gear).

In turn two the Syntha finally managed to eliminate the last marines. The milita after inspecting the pool last round,
decided to head back and report that everything was ok.
The Viridians seeing that they had packed all their stuff, made off for the pool.

Turn 3 and 4 saw a shootout between the Viridians and the VASA, as both noticed that the pool wouldn't be big enought for both of them.
The Syntha just took some potshots at whoever would stick their head in their direction.
And on turn 4 rumbled towards the pool.

At the end of turn 5 the assault androsynths had reached the pool and were mighty dissapointed that it only contained water and not oil.
The militia and marines had driven the Viridians from the pool, but now were to far away themself to have any chance at reaching it.

So in turn 6 they decided to at least to free the androsynths, which were still staring in disbelive at the pool, from their misery.

At the end of turn 6 the teratosynths beeing a sceptical bunch also took a look in the pool, but still there was only water.
So the Syntha have secured the pool.
Rumors say that there are allready some spacefreighters with oil on the way from prime.