Like last year again I decided for a summery theme for a 3 way match.
Think I will make that a anual institution. :)
So wellcome to Poolbrawl II

Again Viridans, VASA and Syntha were invited to fight it out (mainly because thats where I have the most models zo choose from)
For a first time a player brought some of his own models, so not all minis in the picutres are mine.
(His are easy to spot haveing still the silver factory coloring. :))

Here we see the 3 armies at the begin of the brawl.
In the front the VASA and in the background left the Viridians (with thier own little wood) and to the right the Syntha.
Clearly visible in the center is the pool.

A few closeups of the armies before the brawl.




Turn 1:
Turn one didnt bring much changes, the Viridans moved some of the strikecommandos from the wood.
And a few potshots between Syntha and Viridians. The sniper from the VASA supressors managed
to kill the plasmagunner in the tac androsynth unit.

Turn 2:
Turn two saw more movement from the Viridans, and a charge to the pool by the assault androysnths.
Which led to them taking fire from the strike commandos.
The VASA troops still didnt want to move much, but instead the grenadelauncher used the bunched up Syntha units as a targetpractice.

Turn 3:
Turn 3 saw the last assault androsynth turned into scrapmetall and some major movement from the VASA marines.

Turn 4:
Turn 4 brought a charge from the blacklegion into the interdict marines. With neither side beeing a winner in that one.
While one unit of the Vasa marines took a position a the pool. (Probably checking out the poolbar since the guys hadnt done a thing sofar).
On the other side of the pool the strikecommandos got in position to jump inthe pool the next round.

Turn 5:
While the blacklegion and the interdict marines still battled in the wood, things got interesting around the pool.
The Viridians got attacked by the Syntha prostenemarines, but with the help of the Vasa marines were able to keep them away from the pool.
The Vasa unit at the pool obviously was contempt at sitting there in the shade and watching as they again did nothing. :)

Turn 6:
Turn 6 saw the end of the battle between the black legion and the interdicts, with the black legion taking second place.
While most of the others made now a rush for the pool. The last few strikecommandos were gunned down before they could get any further.
But one unit of Syntha marnies managed to get to the pool. But VASA was not to give up the control of the pool.
They brought in their suppressors, and the one unit which was relaxing at the pool allready, and so had the numerical advanteage there.

So at the end VASA took control of the pool for the sake of panhumanic space, and will allow everyone to swim (as long as the pay)