The new sceanrio for june got its first test in the wild.
Viridians have to attack and destroy a Syntha factory and rescue some prisoners.

Game 1:

Seems military tactics of the 18th cnetury is a required reading at Prime's military accademies, as the Syntha lined up in a neat firing line.
The Viridians tried to hide in the forest.

A view from the forest at the Syntha lines. To the left the factory and on the right flank the prison camp.

The Viridans are nearly ready to go.

Squad 1 tries to run down on the flank towards the factory, but the Syntha line is ready.

Three of them make it to the factory, the prostene marines with the pulse rifles leave the firing line to engage them.

Two of them made it to the factory and planted charges before the marines closed for hand to hand fighting.
Here Lt. Nighshade is desperately trying to defend herself against the marines.

The attack on the factory was repulsed, so all was left was to eliminate the last unit of Viridians which hid in the woods.

It was smashing defeat for the Viridians, as they lost all of their units, while the Syntha only lost 2 marines in hand to hand fighting with Lt. Nightshade.

Game 2:

Again we see the now tried and proven firing line from the Syntha.

The Viridians spread out all through the woods.

The Viridians have worked their way towards the forest's edge. The coversave of the forest helped to minimise the losses on the Viridian side so far.
The Syntha lost one of the T-synths and a few marines.

Through heavy fire one unit made it to the factory and plants its charges, while another tries to cover them.
(During the firefight both the Viridian squad and the Syntha marines with pulserifles panicked. But both managed to rally later on.)

The covering squad is engaging the Syntha units to prevent them from attacking their brethren, who try to blow up the factory.
(Must have been faulty charges as the factory was not really impressed by them)

During all the fighting at the factory, Lt. Nightshade and her unit tried to reach the prison camp.
But the T-synths held the line, and at the end only Lt. Nightshade remained behind.
At that time we ended the game, as there was no way to win the scenario for the Viridians.

Another victory for the Syntha. This time they lost a few more units, but again managed to defend both targets.