A Guxiss Battlereport

As my partner wanted to try out his new Viridians and I couldn't come up with a good scenario we used the Blackout Scenario from Harbinger 12.
As usual when there is a new Void Scenario I had to make some new terrain. :)

Game 1:


4 Units of Interdict marines with Sergeant
1 Behemoth Infantry support tank

1 Unit Suppressors including Grenadelauncher, Sniper and Sergeant
1 Unit Archangels including Sergeant
1 Typhoon Bird of Prey
1 Unit of Marines including Chaingunner and Sergeant
1 Unit Militia

For those who dont have access to the Harbinger magazine in this scenario there are a attacker and a defender. The Attacker has to try to destroy the 3 comunication buildings on the board while the defender has to stop him form doing this. The buildings can only be damaged by charges placed by infantry models.
If all buildings are destroyed the attacker wins.
If only one or two are destroyed you have to calculated victory points to determine the winner.
If all remain standing the defender wins.

Game 1 VASA is the attacker

Deployment of the troops

Turn 1:
While the archangels jumped towards the first building to place their charges and the militia ran forward to blow up the building in front of them, the others lay down some heavy fire on the viridians.
The BOP scored a direct hit on a unit of marines and the sniper of the suppressors wounded the behemoth.

The archangels jumped back to safety and detonated their charges.

Turn 2:
The Archangels jumped back in cover in the little wood and detonated their charges.
The milita placed their demolition charges on their building.
Like the turn before the others just fired away.
Their were just a few casualties on each side, mostly because the viridians couldnt hit a thing, and their heavy armor saved a lot of marines form Vasa fire.

The losses on the viridians start to mount and also the behemoth feels the effects

Turn 3:
Concentraed fire from the interdict marines eliminated the archangels.
The militia tried to blow up the building but could only scratch the paint.
The concentrated fire finally showed effect and the losses on the viridian side mounted up.
The behemoth got wounded again and one of his weapons was destroyed.

Finally the single marines fail their moralecheck and go home.

Turn 4:
With the archangels gone all hope now lay with the militia, which was suddently face to face with the behemoth.
Lucky for them he decided to target the BOP.
The BOP survived but the behemoth was not so lucky he was finally killed.

A pyrric victory for the viridians, they saved the communication facilites but nearly lost all of their troops.

Turn 5 and 6:
With the behemoth gone the suppressors were free to fire on the last few surviving marines.
Even with their second set of charges the militia could not bring down the building. (This was mainly due to the fact that we played the charges wrong. :) )

Game 2:


same as game 1

1 Unit of suppressors including grenadelauncher, sniper, and sergeant
1 Unit of Black Llegionaries
1 Unit of Marines with sergeant
1 Unit of Marines with chaingunner and sergeant

VASA is the defender

Deployment prior to battle

Turn 1:
Not taking any chances the suppressors again put all of their fire into the behemoth, causing 3 wounds.
The marines just held their position and fired at every enemy in range.
With the viridians needing to advance the Black Legion waited until the last moment and then charged out of the woods.
Their shortrange fire took out 4 marines leaving only the sergeant, content with that they charged the second unit close by, and went into close combat.

Getting close and personal

Turn 2:
With one unit stuck in close combat the last 2 marine units advanced towards the buildings.
Again the suppressors put all their fire into the behemoth and brought it down.
The closecombat was ineffective as well as the shooting from the Vasa marines.

With the behemoth gone the suppressors now target the marines.

Turn 3:
The single marine who survived the Black Legion fire in turn one, now detonated the charge he placed on the building last round.
The legionaries finally eliminated their oponents and jumped behind the viridians in the middle of the board.
With no shields to help them they were gunned down.

Only one viridian unit left, while Vasa has lost next to nothing.

Turn 4, 5, and 6:
These were only mopup duties for the Vasa forces as the viridians now were in no condition to eliminated the communication buildings.
Again the defender won, and again the viridians left the battlefield with only 2 men alive.

As I found out during our second game we had played the demoliton charges wrong.
We let them wound on a 7 and every charge would do one hit, while it should have been that they wound on a 5 and make 2 hits per charge.
So we decided to try it out again in a third game.

Game 3:
Was too lazy to make some more pictures. :)
Armies were the same as before, but VASA again was the attacker.
The right rules for the demolition charges this time proved to be better as VASA was able to blow up one building.
This was done by jumping the Black Legion to the building and in the next turn jumping out of sight of all the enemies and detonate the building. It took 2 tries to take one building down.
The behemoth this time took up position in the woods were it was hard to hit, also the suppressors this time decided to help the Black Legion by shooting at the marines on their flank.
In the end we decided it would be a draw with one building gone, and both armies had taken some heavy losses. Vasa still had their Black Legionaries and a few marnies, while the behemoth and a handfull of marines was all that was left for the viridians.